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MOB Racing

Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew has raced since a teenager and has won races in single seater (Sports 2000) and saloons.

A National champion in modified saloons. Top 3 national championship finishes. Numerous club championship wins in oval racing. In excess of 400 trophies. A competitor in the BTCC. Holder of an RAC MSA Race instructors Licence.

Has built many of his own racing cars and has assisted engine manufacturers with race engine development, and tyre manufacturers with assessments of tyre performance in racing conditions.

Andre Bentley

From a young age Andre has built, raced and setup many race and rally cars to victory. And as a driver won class championships with lap records to his name.

And with his evolvement with legendary engine builders David Martin and David Vizard was introduced to Andrew Mackenzie and they set up MOB Racing.

mob racing


Formula Saloons 1996

Super Saloons 2021

City Car Cup 2021

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